Nature Bijoux Ginkgo, Leaves Under Grapes Earrings 12-75465


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Setting:  Stud

Length:  2.55cm

Metal finish:  Gold

Embrace peridot crystals with the Ginkgo Collection from Nature Bijoux. The natural materials used are the golden mother-of-pearl from Palawan cut in the shape of a tree leaf set with peridot crystals.

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Let yourself be carried by Nature Bijoux and make the difference!

Nature Bijoux is reinvented and speaks to all women “explorers” in search of a little more original; curious of new creative expressions with the desire and need to give more meaning to their consumption.

As a creative craftsman, Nature Bijoux expresses its new creative territory as a free artist, instinctively and sensitively. Summer and winter, Nature Bijoux offers moments, thought for women, stories completely out of the ordinary, authentic and in fusion with nature but never seen elsewhere. Stories always more surprising by their origin, their transformation, their design. Wearing Naturejewellery means wearing them for what they say, for what they say to you.